Welcome to Seamless Door!

The Mesker NVS Door is the latest innovation in continuously welded hollow metal doors. 

Our door edge reader is a laser reader that’s crucial in guiding the robotic weld head at the proper speed to insure the precise accuracy of our unique computer monitored heat reading system.

All seamless metal doors are NOT the same. Some seamless doors use putty to fill the vertical seams. Other “seamless” steel doors are stitch welded and use putty as filler. Our NVS seamless door from Mesker is a fully welded seamless door, with no putty or fillers of any kind. Why is that important? Time. As the door closes again and again, the putty and fillers will likely crack and fall out.

Stitch welds can cause the door’s edge to look distorted. Grinding is used to remedy the distortion but grind marks are difficult to disguise. Our Mesker NVS door prevents an unsightly door edge gap, and recent twist tests have demonstrated that it’s more than 3 times stronger than even a reinforced steel stiffened door. Don’t allow anyone to send you a door that’s putty or filler edged.

We’ll do an seamless edge on 18 gauge doors, 16 gauge doors, 14 gauge doors, six panel doors, multi-panel metal doors, woodgrain hollow metal doors, steel hurricane doors, steel tornado doors, bullet-resistant doors, temperature rise doors, galvannealed steel doors, non handed hollow metal doors, dutch doors and any standard hollow metal door.

Our Mesker NVS door has no visible seams along the vertical edge and meets all the requirements for full flush doors, including AIA Section 08110 and SDI Seamless.

When specifications call for a fully welded seamless steel door, some may supply doors with putty or filler that’s painted over. Not Mesker Door. Our NVS door is the finest seamless door in the industry. That’s why we guarantee our seamless edge weld for life. To learn more, visit us online at both NVSDoor.com and MeskerDoor.com.


Remember that all seamless doors are not what they "seam". We’re Mesker Door, making a genuinely seamless steel door in the USA.